July 02, 2012

Gertler’s Wurst

Food Network Celebrity Chef, Adam Gertler, can put his leg behind his head without even warming up.  Obviously this man has talent!  He also makes sausages…  delicious sausages… delicious MEAT sausages, which despite my 2 week vegetarian kick I could not say ‘no’ too and am glad I didn’t.  This thing, I believe it was the Uber Kase, was possibly the best sausage I’ve ever eaten.  Here’s his website where you can order them and see my photos:  http://adamgertler.com/gertlerswurst/ .  You can also find them at ‘Pop-Up’s’ around Los Angeles where he and his brother are raising capital to get their restaurant started.  Next Pop-Up is on Sunday, July 8th in Manhattan Beach.  You can see the menu and get your tickets here:  http://shadehotel.eventbrite.com/