October 31, 2016

Amazon Jungle: Kambo (Frog Medicine) Application

Kambo medicine (monkey frog medicine) originating from the Amazonian tribe, the Matses, is not easy. Not only is it very dangerous to obtain, but when you take it, it is painful- but only for about 15 minutes. I am going to share these photos with you of Victor going through the process of the application of the medicine. It cured me of candida in 2 doses. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties along with many different good peptides.  When the medicine is first applied, it forces your digestive system to purge by emptying the contents in your stomach; including the bile, where toxins are stored.  You first burn yourself on your arm with a stick, put the frog secretion on the burn, and then get on all fours ready for your face to swell up and to projectile vomit your brains out. Bon appetit!

All photos Copyright Hayley Murphy Photography