October 13, 2015

Gary Baseman Home/Studio Visit

I met Mr. Baseman standing in line at Pie Hole in downtown Los Angeles a couple years ago.  He invited me over for a home/studio visit and I accepted.  Here are the photos from that day:

February 10, 2015


July 02, 2012

Gertler’s Wurst

Food Network Celebrity Chef, Adam Gertler, can put his leg behind his head without even warming up.  Obviously this man has talent!  He also makes sausages…  delicious sausages… delicious MEAT sausages, which despite my 2 week vegetarian kick I could not say ‘no’ too and am glad I didn’t.  This thing, I believe it was the Uber Kase, was possibly the best sausage I’ve ever eaten.  Here’s his website where you can order them and see my photos: .  You can also find them at ‘Pop-Up’s’ around Los Angeles where he and his brother are raising capital to get their restaurant started.  Next Pop-Up is on Sunday, July 8th in Manhattan Beach.  You can see the menu and get your tickets here:

April 05, 2012

Planet Davin

I am proud to announce that the 2nd episode of Planet Davin (a show I created and directed) is finally online!!! Planet Davin is a show hosted by Davin Givhan that features a cat, an artist and a musical guest. His co-host is Bryan Kertenian. Get to know musical guest Kim Talon this week!

Two Parts: here is Part One

Two Parts: here is Part Two

April 03, 2012

Band shoot for Bethpage Black

Click here to hear Bethpage Black on KROQ:


April 03, 2012

Headshots for Noelle Romano

Noelle Romano is an actress and voice artist who lives in Los Angeles.  She is most well known for her wry humor while bench pressing 30 pounds at the Hollywood YMCA.  Here’s the sitcom she’s working on:

December 23, 2011

Judging at the Scholastic Art Awards

The Scholastic Art Awards have been around for a long time–  Andy Warhol, Sylvia Plath, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Robert Redford and Joyce Carol Oates were all award recipients.  I remember hearing about the awards when I was a student in elementary school, back when the highest form of art to me meant appreciating the the art of illustration in children’s books. That’s when I wanted to be an author and Maurice Sendak, Dr. Suess, and other sadly forgotten illustrator/authors combos were my heroes.

I’ll be reliving my childhood on January 25th, 2012 by helping judge the photography and photography portfolio section of the these infamous awards.  Excited to be a part!

October 03, 2011

The Man Who Wants You to Eat Insects

Time Out Chicago commissioned me to do a “simple portrait” of “The Man Who Wants You to Eat Insects,” Matthew Krisiloff.  Here’s a link to the article:

October 03, 2011

Shooting Food with Steve is Fun


October 03, 2011

Architecture Interior: Focus on Art

Shot for Christopher Martin Gallery for a marketing postcard campaign, I traveled to San Diego to see one of his artworks in action.